How to Maintain Figure After Delivery


You gave birth and want to lose 3, 7 ... 10 kg, but the problem is you are not really succeeding. Your tummy refuses to disappear, cellulite and stretch marks are prominently, and fat is everywhere and it is very hard to maintain the figure you had before pregnancy. Well, you're not alone! All mothers have to face this challenge. Here are some tips that can help you solve your problem and maintain your figure!

After birth, the body is completely changed. You put on average between 10 and 13 kg. The uterus is enlarged and increased, which explains why your stomach still remains swollen for some time. Do not be nervous because this is absolutely normal!

You cannot be like before the first second after giving birth. For the skin to be toned again it requires 5-6 months and to regain your figure you must have patience no less than nine months!

In the first months, you little or no time left to breathe and the time that remains between feedings, shopping and sleepless nights, necessary to regain your lost forces.

In addition, at this time it is not recommended to keep a diet, because the last things you need are food deficiencies.

Wait a few weeks before you start. Breastfeeding already consumes enough energy and promotes weight loss.

Try to eat balanced, emphasizing calcium (milk), iron (fish and grilled meat), stews (vegetables, meat) and drink plenty of water.

Tips to maintain your figure

Because your program is messed up once the baby is there, try not to let it affect your healthy eating habits. Do not eat standing; don't grab something on the run, take regular meals, without hurry.

Since you're home all day, having a snack is very tempting! If you cannot help it, avoid buying them. Fill your fridge with fruits instead!

Opt for fat-free foods, cook them on steam or grill.

Eat dried fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in fiber.

Do not opt for a drastic diet. Your body is still confused after so many changes. It is best to lose 500 grams per week. It's good for you and your health.

Make sport! But attention, at first you are not allowed to do nothing but some slight movements of arms and legs, because your body is still fragile. Walks are ideal for weight loss, and relaxation, so devote half hour a day for them.

In time, after you feel fit, you can go swimming, jogging, and aerobics to eliminate body fat reserves.

Give yourself a period of recovery after birth

Many mothers after birth are expected to wear directly their favorite jeans that fitted so well before getting pregnant ... but this rarely happens!

But before starting a diet, you have to follow a recovery period (after labor and delivery) for at least six weeks, and must also accept the idea that after birth your body will change and you cannot maintain the figure you had before pregnancy, and although you will return to pre-pregnancy weight, you will look different!

You will lose about 9-13 kg by giving birth, the amniotic fluid, and placenta and by the shrinking of the uterus and breast.

If still breastfeeding avoid caffeine and alcohol, but be sure to consume around

1500 – 1800 cal/day to keep you health, to have the energy needed to maintain lactation and milk quality. Lactating women tend to lose more weight after giving birth in a faster time. However, you should consult with your physician before starting a diet while breastfeeding.